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Since its foundation, K&B Fashion and Textiles has been providing its customers with top-notch, innovative clothing that reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our products, which are crafted with great care and attention to detail, are shipped to destinations around the globe, with a particular focus on Europe. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the production of premium-grade products is at the heart of everything we do.

Textile Manufacturer in Turkey


In K&B Fashion and Textiles manufacturing facilities, design is at the forefront of everything we do. We have a team of highly skilled designers who are dedicated to creating innovative and on-trend designs for our clients.

Our designers work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create custom designs that meet their specific requirements. We can sketch your ideas and offer technical drawing services and specification sheets.

We offer to design your products or we can improve your designs with the help of our talented designers. You may simply send us the samples of the garments that you are planning to produce. We will work on them diligently and provide you samples to make sure that your requirements are met.

Pattern Development: We are using the latest technology CAD Systems for pattern making and size gradings. We either create the patterns based on the specs provided or work on an existing fit sample


Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing high quality clothing for our customers.

We have a highly skilled team of technicians and operators who use the latest technology and equipment to produce the highest quality clothes. We use only the best materials and follow strict quality control procedures to ensure every product that leaves our factory meets our exacting standards.

K&B Fashion and Textiles runs with a capacity of 50-60 workers on daily basis. We are capable of manufacturing up to 30000 pieces per month depending on the sophistication of the designs. Working in our own facilities gives us the opportunity of being flexible for client’s requests and also gives the advantage of providing competitive prices to our customers.

Whether it's a small or large production run, we have the capabilities to handle it all. Our manufacturing process is efficient and streamlined, ensuring that we can deliver your products on time and within budget.

Bulk manufacture takes place on our production line, where all items are handmade and quality checked throughout. Quality checks also take place in the finishing stages, before your items are packaged for delivery.

Sampling Process

For all your orders we create a prototype and ship it to you for your approval, allowing you to test and refine the functionality of your design. After the samples are approved, we will proceed to bulk production. The sampling process may happen 1-2 times depending on your requirement and requests.

We work with international delivery companies to expedite the shipment process in order to start the production process as early as possible.

Trims & Accessory Sourcing

We source different types of fabrics, trims, accessories, custom labels and swing tags based on your requirements. We handle the packaging with proper and stylish techniques.

We work with international delivery companies to expedite the shipment process in order to start the production process as early as possible.


K&B Fashion and Textiles is committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

We use eco-friendly materials whenever possible and have implemented a range of measures to reduce our carbon footprint. We have a zero-waste policy and are constantly looking for ways to minimize waste and recycle materials.

Our manufacturing process is designed to minimize energy consumption, and we use renewable energy sources wherever possible. We are also committed to ethical labor practices and ensure that all of our workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage.


We know that getting your products delivered on time is crucial to your business, which is why we make it our top priority. We have a well-established logistics network that allows us to provide our clients all over the world with door-to-door delivery.

Our goal is to ensure that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition. We can gladly cooperate with your own forwarder company if you are already working with one.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary mission is to ensure customer satisfaction. In this context, we work with all our strength to bring all our customers together with products of the same quality standards and to satisfy our working partners.

We strongly believe in a very basic and simple strategy: Ensuring client satisfaction and end-user’s happiness, ultimately leads to increased demand and order quantities, which is a crucial factor in driving business growth.

Organic and Sustainable Materials

We are textile manufacturing company in Turkey, and committed to producing high-quality fabrics that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s why we offer a wide range of organic fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

We understand that certifications play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and sustainability of our organic fabrics. That’s why we are only cooperating with verified organic and sustainable fabric suppliers, if our customers request.

We are proud to be a leading textile manufacturer in Izmir/Turkey that is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Using %100 nature-friendly cotton, organic fabrics, recycled materials, sustainable materials and certifications are a testament to our dedication to producing eco-friendly textiles.

When you work with us, you can be confident that you are working with a company that values sustainability, quality, and social responsibility.

Our Partners

K&B Fashion & Textile is proud to have a global network of trusted references and partners who share our commitment to quality and excellence. We understand that our success is built on the strength of our partnerships, which is why we place a high value on open communication, transparency, and mutual trust.

Our partnerships with leading designers, suppliers, and manufacturers across the globe have allowed us to expand our product offerings, increase our efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of our products. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have built strong and lasting relationships with partners in USA, Asia and particularly Europe.

We also work closely with logistics partners to ensure that our products are shipped efficiently and delivered on time, regardless of the destination. We cooperate with international companies for logistic services like Air Cargo, Road transportation and Sea transportation to meet the requirements of our clients.

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