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K&B Fashion and Textiles is a leading textile manufacturer, registered and approved by Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade. Since our establishment in 1997 in Izmir/Turkey, we have been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, premium-class clothes that reflect our dedication to excellence and sustainability.

Cutting Department

In this department the fabric is precisely cut into pieces of designed model. Ground safety and personal safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of the personnel working here.

Samples for the measurement of fabric quality are prepared carefully to make of the correct pattern development. We use precision cutting machines to cut and shape fabrics to exact specifications, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Sewing & Merging Department

Here is where all the pieces are sewed or merged together to create the unique product for the customer. The chiefs of the production team make sure that all the patterns and measurements are perfectly acquired. Different types of stitching and merging techniques are applied based on the design and fabric quality.

Experienced and high skilled workers are passionate about producing the best quality product. Working in a team of friends and colleagues gives them the joy of creating something unique and fashionable.

QC & Packaging Department

Quality control and packaging department is responsible for ensuring that all of our products meet our strict quality standards before they leave our factory. Our team carefully inspects each product to ensure that it meets our specifications for quality, durability, and consistency. 

All the products are carefully inspected for deficiencies and possible unwanted materials. The needle inspection machine and optic controls are carefully carried out to make sure of the product safety and quality.

After a thorough quality control and packaging the products are ready to be delivered to logistics department.


In our modest, colorful and heart-warming showroom, our clients are welcomed to check the quality of our craftsmanship and fabrics. We take the pride in presenting all the products that we have created from the stretch.

We showcase a wide range of products, from home textiles to organic clothes. You will have good idea about the materials used and you will have the opportunity to check the quality with your hands.

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